Spot – “This is me”


I’m Spot the Dog. I live here at La Maison Verte and I am very, very busy. My jobs are to greet our guests, keep an eye on any mole invasions in the garden, check the surrounding countryside twice a day, help with food waste disposal and generally be cute and entertaining, which I am quite good at.

I take “Guest greeting” very seriously. It is important to make a good first impression and I have been on a course. The 5 main rules are:

  • Not to bark to much when guests arrive – a bit of endearing howling is ok.
  • Absolutely no jumping up! Specially not on white clothing. But sometimes this is so hard when the guests seem to like me. If someone starts to flap a handbag at me I immediately get down.
  • When I am showing the guests to their room I must not actually go into the room but sit down outside the door and look like I am well trained.
  • No barking in the garden when the guests have gone to bed. This can be tricky as there often is something that needs sorting out on my last garden patrol of the day. When we have guests I try to do the final patrol as soon as the last guest have gone to bed.
  • Strictly no begging at the table, in fact, no being in the dining room when the guests are eating. (I can sometimes get around this if I sit and look very appealing by the dining room door. If the guests start talking to me then it would be rude not to go in!)

I must dash! Someone is arriving! Back soon!